ServSafe® Manager Certification Training

Restaurant Staff

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ServSafe Courses Reflect the New 2017 Model Food Code

Food safety training is a commitment, a mindset and a smart business practice for every restaurant and food service operation in our industry, therefor Food safety training doesn’t end, however, once a manager earns their certification., that’s where it begins – by implementing food safety practices on a daily basis. It is also critical that every person in an operation meets today’s food safety practice demands. The ServSafe® program provides the resources to help keep food safety as an essential ingredient in every meal. ServSafe® training is the one commitment to food safety implementation that we should all share every day.

Are you in compliance?

Each retail food facility must have one certified food employee whose certificate issued by a nationally recognized program is current and unexpired and the certified food employee must be the “person in charge” when at the facility and accessible at all times during the facility’s hours of operation.