Practice Exam

Which food item has been associated with Salmonella Typhi?

What symptoms requires a food handler to be excluded from the operation?

Which is an example of physical contaminatin

What practice is useful for preventing Nororvirus from causing a foodborne illness?

What condition promotes the growth of bacteria?

Parasites are commonly associated with what food?

What practice should be used to prevent seafood toxins from causing a foodborne illness?

How should chemicals be stored?

What does the L stand for in the FDA's ALERT tool?

What practice can help prevent allergic reactions?

What symptom can indicate a customer is having an allergic reaction?

Where should a food handler wash his or her hands after prepping food?

When should a food handler with a sore throat and fever be excluded from the operation?

A food handler comes to work with diarrhea. What should the manager tell the food handler to do?

What should a food handler do to make gloves easier to put on?

When can a food handler diagnosed with jaundice return to work?

Which item is a potential physical contaminant?

What is the purpose of hand antiseptic?

Single-use gloves are not required when

What should food handlers do after leaving and returning to the prep area?

What types of eggs must be used when preparing raw or undercooked dishes for high-risk populations?

What causes preschool-age children to be at risk for foodborne illness?

Which organization includes inspecting food as one of its primary responsibilities?

What should a server do after clearing a table?

What strategy can prevent cross-contamination?

What temperatures do infrared thermometers measure?

When can glass thermometers be used?

Why should food temperatures be taken in two different locations?

A food handler is prepping a seafood dish on April 4, using shrimp and scallops. The shrimp has a use-by date of April 8, and the scallops have a use-by date of April 10. What is the use-by date of the seafood dish?

What information must be included on the label of food packaged on site for retail sale?

How should an item that has been recalled by its manufacturer be stored in an operation?

A food handler has just finished storing a dry food delivery. Which step was done correctly?

Which item should be rejected?

Ready-to-eat TCS food prepped in-house must be date marked if it is being held for more than how many hours?

A local nursing home has a yearly barbecue for its residents.
Which food item should not be served?

When transporting food off-site, how should information such as a use-by date and time be communicated to the off-site staff?

What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for a veal chop?

How many hours can cold food be held without refrigeration before it must be sold, served, or thrown out?

Lasagna was removed from hot holding for service at 11:00 am. By what time must it be served or thrown out?

What should be done with a preset, unwrapped utensils that appear to be unused after guests have left the table?

What rule for serving bread should food handlers practice?

In a self-service area, bulk unpackaged food does not need a label if the product

The temperature of duck breast is checked during cooking. According to the operation's policy, the duck breast must be cooked for 16 minutes to allow the internal temperature to reach 165º. What HACCP principle is addressed by cooking the duck breast to 165º?

What must a food handler with an infected hand wound do to work safely with food?

Which of these food processes does not require a variance from a regulatory authority?

What is a cross-connection?

What information must be posted on a dishwasher?

What scenario can lead to pest infestation?

What is the first step in developing a HACCP plan?

What factors influence the effectiveness of a chemical sanitizer?

What is the first step of cleaning and sanitizing stationary equipment?

What temperature should the water be for manual dishwashing?

What organization requires a Material Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to be included with hazardous chemicals?

What must staff members do when transferring chemicals to a new container?

What temperature must a high-temperature dishwasher's final sanitizing rinse be?

What must food handlers do when handling ready-to-eat food?

Why are people who take certain medications at risk for foodborne illness?

What should be done with a package of flour that is received with signs of dampness on the bag?

Which responsibility is included in the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) role?

What is the minimum internal temperature hot food must be held at to prevent pathogens from growing?

What should staff do when receiving a delivery of food and supplies?

How should staff make sure the chemical sanitizer being used on a food-prep surface is at the correct strength?

A tuna salad is removed from the cooler at 9:00 am and put out for a buffet at 11:00 am. By what time must the tuna salad be served or thrown out?

When can raw, unpackaged meat be offered for self-service?

What rule for serving condiments should be practiced?

Bulk unpackaged food in self-service areas must be labeled when

The temperature of clam chowder is checked during holding. According to the operation's policy, the chowder must be thrown out.
What HACCP principle is being practiced by throwing out the soup?

Which process requires a variance from the regulatory authority?

What information must be included on the label of a container of ready-to-eat TCS food prepped on-site for retail sale?

What should be done with food that has been handled by a food handler who has been restricted or excluded form the operation due to illness?

What should a food handler do with food after it is thawed in the microwave?

What must an operation do before packaging fresh juice on-site for later sale?

What temperature must stuffed lobster be cooked to?

What temperature must cooked vegetables reach to be safely hot-held for service?

Nursing home cafeteria staff are creating new menu items for a breakfast for residents and their family members. What item is not safe to serve?

When must a food handler change gloves?

A food handler has cooled a container of chili to 70º in 1 hour. How much time is left to cool the chili to 41º?

What should a server do when taking a food order from customers who have concerns about food allergies?

What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for chicken breast?

What thermometer is best suited to checking a dishwashing machine's final rinse temperature?

The temperature danger zone for TCS foods is between

Food handlers should wash their hands before starting work and after

Cross contamination has occurred when

Which of these conditions can slow down the growth of bacteria?

Which is the most important factor in preventing bacterial growth?

A foodborne illness can result from eating

Salmonella infection can occur when

E. coli infection most often results from

Which may be the most important rule of food safety?

Chicken breasts should be cooked to